NameYearAmount2020 Dues2021 Dues2022 DuesAmount2023 Dues
Emelia Patterson2019 up to JuneGHC120
Regina Kotei2019 Full pytGHC120Full paymentGHC 120
Reggie Reindorf2019 Full pytGHC120Full paymentGHC 120
Baldwin Okai2019 Full pytGHC120GHC120GHC120Full paymentGHC 120GHC 120
Oko Atinka2019 up to JuneGHC60
Prince OpataFull paymentGHC 120
Nii Ayi MensahFull paymentGHC 120
Salomey KomeyGHC120GHC120GHC120Full paymentGHC 120
Margaret Solomon2019 Full pytGHC120
Sylvia Cochrane2019 Full pytGHC120Full paymentGHC 120
Evelyn Lokko
Deborah Oquaye2019 Full pytGHC120Full paymentGHC 120
Naa A Adamafio2019 up to JuneGHC60GHC120Full paymentGHC120
Emma Ntri2019 Full pytGHC120Full paymentGHC 120
Dan Nii Ayi Sowah2019 Full pytGHC120
Edith Nyemetei2019 up to JuneGHC60GHC120Full paymentGHC 120
Nii Boi Kotei2019 Full pytGHC120
Nicholas Nuamah2019 Full pytGHC120
Vicky Sabi2019 Full pytGHC120GHC120GHC120Full paymentGHC 120
Otor PlaharFull paymentGHC 120
Dr. Emmanuel AkweteyGHC80Full payment ++GHC 200
Addo QuaynorGHC 30
Christian LutterodtFull paymentGHC 120
Grace TettehGHC50Full payment + arrearsGHC200